At Valley Tool, for 50 years our mission has been to provide customers with implements and devices that make the jobs they tackle easier and produce better results. That’s why when we turned our attention to orchard sprayers, we weren’t looking to “recreate the wheel,” since many of the time-tested features on existing sprayers work just fine.

What we discovered, however, is that conventional airblast sprayers aren’t designed for maximum effectiveness.

In fact, their airflow is turbulent and inefficient.

So, we took a different approach! With input from an aeronautical engineer, we developed an ingenious sprayer that produces straight, smooth, laminar airflow that increases output and helps everyone from small farmers to large production farming operations get more done faster and with less energy expended.

Our orchard sprayers may look familiar—and the process of preparing and operating them is the same—but when you use one, you’ll immediately notice the performance difference!

Comparisons to sprayers from other providers are ongoing, but already we’re seeing advantages like greater output and lower horsepower demand.