No two orchards are the same

Flowcore sprayers can be customized in key areas to meet the unique needs of your small farm or production farming operation.

Tank Size

Tanks holding 1,000, 600 and 500 gallons are available.


An advanced lighting kit doubles the amount of illumination for operations where spraying commonly occurs before dawn or after sunset.

Fan Size

Multiple fan sizes mean you can choose the one that’s appropriate for your tractor’s horsepower.

Control Manifold

Control manifold. Electric and hydraulic control manifolds are available.

Tire Configuration

Flowcore sprayers come with standard implement tires. But if your soil is less compact, the unit can be outfitted with float tires instead.

Hitch Type

For many customers, a conventional hitch is appropriate. However, in an environment where positioning the unit is more challenging, we offer a specialized articulated hitch.

Stop changing your operations to accommodate the capabilities of your orchard sprayer. Get an innovative, high-output sprayer designed around your requirements!