The benefits you're looking for in a sprayer

Flowcore sprayers are designed from end to end to be easy to operate and produce outstanding results.

All the proven features and functions of “traditional” airblast sprayers are found on our units—from how you calibrate them to how you connect them. As a result, there’s no need to retrain your employees or modify your operations in any way. But we’ve taken the familiar farm sprayer and made it better in some very important ways:

Optimal Airflow

In developing Flowcore, we researched existing orchard sprayers and discovered that the airflow patterns are very turbulent and inefficient. Smooth, laminar airflow in our units allows them to do more work with less energy and less stress on your tractor.

Ease of operation

Sometimes the little things can make a big difference in the time and effort required to complete a spraying task. Flowcore sprayers have features like a handy storage box, operational lighting and easy access to filters and service points. We also listened to airblast sprayer users and designed Flowcore with enhancements like a larger step to accommodate big, muddy work boots and an offset PTO shaft holder that makes attaching and detaching the sprayer easier.


Flowcore sprayers are competitively priced in all sizes and configurations, making them a great buy for small farms and large growing operations alike. Plus, many features that are optional on other sprayers are standard on Flowcore. Customers who compare price tags are pleasantly surprised at how much you get with our sprayers.

Ultimately, Flowcore sprayers are thoughtfully designed and solidly built to provide you with easy, efficient and dependable operation for years to come.